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since  2015

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For small businesses, websites offer the opportunity to find new clientele, target markets and customers. Hiring a professional company to develop your website helps ensure that your new website gets found via Google and other search engines.
Sebenza Online has over three years experience in SEO and paid advertising through social media and google adwords. So you know you're in great hands.
Sebenza Online creates user friendly websites for South African clients
who are in need of a fresh new online presence for their business or
shop. We design websites according to client specifications and will
effectively bring your existing brand online.
When you work with Sebenza Online, you get one on one interaction with
our web developers who work with you throughout the website design
process. Your website could be developed from start to finish in two
weeks, from then on we provide you with monthly support from how to keep
your website at the top of pile on Google, to uploading new products
onto your online store.


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Latest Projects

Southey House

G-spot MTB Trail

Jo-Jo's Riding Centre

G-spot is one of the most renowned Mountainbike Trails in the Western Cape. We are currently designing a website to promote its use, help boost tourism, and increase conservation awareness.

Sebenza Online is sponsoring this initiative.
Southey House is owned and run by Lisa. Situated in the heart of Kloof, KZN it is the perfect stop over for business trips and holidays alike.

Lisa used our Services to set up a booking system and create a new website from scratch.
Jo-Jo's Riding Centre is a Horse Riding centre based in Alverstone, KZN. They cater for all age groups and have just formalised their brand strat, opting to use us for their website development.


Features We Offer

  1. DIY Functionality
    If you wish, we will create you a website that you will be able to update and manage yourself. We prefer to manage the updates ourselves but we realize that you may prefer this route.
  2. On Call Support
    Customer satisfaction is our main concern. We provide free telephonic support 24/7.
  3. Innovative Ideas
    Our customers are the driving force behind each website we create. We work with clients to come up with innovative ways to showcase their business online. We use the latest in E-commerce integration to make sure your site is up to date with the latest trends.
  4. Logo Design
    We work with professionals who have vast experience in Photoshop and digital imagery. You give us guidelines of what you want done, we work our magic.
  5. Bulkmail Sends
    We can compile bulk mail sends on your behalf to your database of customers. This is an added feature which comes standard in the Heavy Store package.
  6. Fast Launch Time
    When time is of the essence. Depending on your website requirements, you could expect your new site to be ready in under 2 weeks.

"We create campaigns & websites for businesses who are looking to expand into new markets. E-commerce

and Digital Marketing is an exciting industry and we want to make it easy for you to get involved"

Aston Davies - Owner & Founder