"We are all about bringing brick and mortar storefronts onto the internet and showing the world what SMME's have to offer"
  1. Search Engine Optimization
    We build your websites with SEO in mind. Who doesn't want to see their website pop up first when you search a relevant phrase on Google?
  2. Social Media Campaigns
    We offer tailor made social media campaigns to boost your online sales through paid advertising on social media. Campaigns vary in price, chat to us for more info.
  3. Brainstorm Sessions
    A representative will personally brainstorm with shop owners to find out exactly what they need from their new website.
  4. International Clients
    For our clients based in other countries or far away locations, we brainstorm and communicate via Skype, email, Whatsapp and more
  5. Fully Functional Online Stores
    Selling product online is our bread and butter. We will set you up with an in depth, easy to manage online store from just R450 a month*
  6. Weekly / Monthly Updates
    If you don't have the time to load product, change banners and generate marketing campaigns. Chat to us for a quote on special services.

Enjoy the benefits of your own online store

Sebenza Online creates customized websites for local and international businesses. We love to introduce customers to the world of opportunities that online media can provide for their business.
If your business has reached a plateuo, or you are trying to generate a new interest in your recent product launch, Sebenza Online can help you.
The world of E-commerce is extremely exciting, we enjoy creating websites and online stores that help people boost business and find new customers.
There is no business too big or too small for us. We appreciate your hard work that has gotten you this far and would like to help you take your business online.
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